Monday, January 3, 2011

my firstest post...est....

Just kinda getting back into Magic: the Gathering. I think I originally took a hiatus sometime circa Onslaught, because I was imtimidated that girls didn't like magic players.

After having some experience with women, I've come to the conclusion that this wasn't the case.

I've been researching Extended because I'm interested in playing some of the upcoming PTQs.

(for a schedule check out

Here's some sites/articles I've been trolling for info:

looking for some other recommendations.

If the PTQ was tomorrow, I'd probably play faeries. Dyou have any thoughts?


  1. If a girl dismisses you because you play a card game they're not worth it! Glad you're getting back into it! Haven't played in quite some time but I remember it was fun!

  2. What decks you use? I'm definatly going to stay around here